How Pharmaceutical Companies Hide the Dangers of Vaccines from Parents

How Pharmaceutical Companies Hide the Dangers of Vaccines from Parents

Most middle school students are familiar with the design of a cause and effect study. The pharmaceutical companies are getting around ethically and fairly designed studies by claiming that it would be unethical to withhold a lifesaving medical intervention such as vaccines. This despite the fact that short term studies never included a ‘true’ placebo and vaccinated children have never been compared to non-vaccinated children in long term studies.

As you now are familiar with faulty research designs falsely concluding vaccines are safe for your children and protect your children from illness you may want to question the entire notion of vaccination. Many parents to vaccinated and non-vaccinated children will attest to the fact that the non-vaccinated child claims superior health to the vaccinated child. If large and correctly designed studies were conducted it is likely that pediatricians, health officials, government and pharmaceutical companies would derive at the same conclusion. This of course would expose them and therefore those choosing to vaccinate their children will have to continue to rely on studies proving a pre-determined outcome.

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