Shutdown Defiance: Citizen Mows Lincoln Memorial Lawn

Shutdown Defiance: Citizen Mows Lincoln Memorial Lawn Oct. 9, 2013

Earlier today, a lone bearded man took up the job of furloughed federal workers and mowed the lawn behind the Lincoln Memorial in stark defiance of the Obama administration’s efforts to make the shutdown as “difficult for people” as possible.


Chris Cox, the man pictured above pushing a lawnmower, told CBS DC his actions weren’t politically motivated, but meant as a symbol of respect for the veterans set to convene in the nation’s capital this upcoming weekend for the Million Vet March.

From CBS DC:

“These are our memorials. Do they think that we’re just going to let them go to hell? No,” Cox exclusively told All-News 99.1 reporter John Domen. “If they shut down our memorials, we’re still going to take the trash out, we’re going to clean the windows, we’re going to cut the grass, we’re going to pull the weeds, we’re going to do the tree work.”

According to the Weekly Standard, “It’s unclear how much of the expansive lawn behind the memorial was mowed, but Park Police were alerted and three cruisers with multiple officers showed up.”

A Park Police public information officer said Cox “was asked to leave, and he complied.”

This type of civil disobedience has been carefully engineered by the Obama administration to lay the fiscal debate blame at the feet of Republicans who are trying to negotiate portions of the Obamacare law – which forces every American (at gunpoint) to obtain health insurance regardless of their state of health.

However, the president’s efforts have backfired as he has ultimately ended up taking most of the heat for barricading national parks and memorials across the country.

Earlier this week, we reported how police arrested numerous Vietnam veterans during a vigil at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza in New York City where they met to protest the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

We’ve also documented how the North Country Honor Flight executive director has asked a “significant number” of World War II Marine veterans to join in civil disobedience solidarity this weekend at the Iwo Jima Memorial and collectively express outrage over war memorial sites being blocked by feds.


This article was posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013  at  1:30 pm

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