4 thoughts on “Mormon Meteor III – Jay Leno’s Garage

      • I am not even able to drive 😀
        But I am stupid. I think it simply kills people, but if google ever gets their car out and I can jump through the window and scream: DRIVE, DRIVE!!!!
        Then slightly whisper: Amsterdam, Plantage Kerklaan 40.
        So it gets slowly on it’s way with my ass still hanging out of the window.


      • Nature already has the auto pilot option (Horse & carriage)
        In the small town of my grandparents they have lots of horses and they now the way back home so when people come back from the fields the horse goes back home. It’s eco friendly too 🙂 So you can drink and do other fun stuff and not care. you will be home
        And it’s much more cheaper than a car. No insurance or gas 🙂


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