One Night among Friends


I finally wrote a story. I only did one once and I do not know where to find it anymore. It is about many things. Listen to this, while reading and you might get the core concept a little bit better.

This is officially my first one. I wanted to make it funnier, more serious and longer and then shorter. Now I give up and give away:

A sound. A familiar sound. A sound like a stone hitting water.

Again. Splash.
Where did that came from? He tried opening his eyes, tried looking around. Did not work, only darkness. Was he not able to move or has the ever-growing enemy finally caught up with them and…
Splash, splash, splash. Splash. Splash. The sound consecutively growing with intensity and in pain? Yes, definitely pain. Pain alike an echo and SPLASH!

“GEORGE!”, one word pulls him out of the unknown back…

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