Unabated War: Human Tragedy In Syria.



Posted October 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

As most Americans have kept an eye on the government shutdown, debt ceilings, World War II veterans inability to visit their memorial(s), and the quirks of various elected representatives in Washington, D.C., the people in Syria continue to suffer the worst events on Earth.

After the Vietnam War, where journalists filmed real war taking place on the ground and broadcasting the horror on the evening news programs, subsequent wars have been “sanitized” by the media news outlets, no longer showing flag-draped coffins arriving at airports, or wounded or killed soldiers on the battlefield. No longer would the American people be exposed to those distasteful film clips. The number of soldiers who have returned from duty and committed suicide, after becoming unable to cope with the hell of what they experienced, is not known by the people because this is a negative consequence of war.


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