Lead-based underwear designed in Japan to help fight Fukushima disaster

Lead-based underwear designed in Japan to help fight Fukushima disaster

A Japanese company has invented carbon wetsuits and lead-based underwear that can protect against radiation amid the growing aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It comes as Japan fights to stop the flow of radioactive water leaking into the sea.

  Three of the Fukushima plant’s nuclear reactors were damaged by  an earthquake-triggered tsunami on March 11, 2011, which led to a  nuclear disaster. The plant has been accumulating radioactive  water ever since.

  Designed in an effort to protect Fukushima clean-up workers,  Osaka-based swimwear company Yamamoto Corporation unveiled the  anti-radiation garments on Thursday.

  The company claims that the wetsuit made from stretchy rubberized  kneaded carbon can stop 100 percent of beta radiation.

  The swimwear – which weighs only three kilograms – is completely  fused so the contaminated water cannot seep through. The suit  therefore protects the person wearing it from aftermath illnesses  such as cancer, according to its makers.

  Yamamoto Corporation is also working on lead-based underwear  which protects the lower part of the spine and abdomen from  harmful gamma rays. The underwear’s weight is 3.4 kilograms.


“The clothes which protect from two kinds of radiation – beta  and gamma rays –as described above are the first development of  such kind in the world,” the company said in a statement.

  Due to be released in November, the wetsuit will cost just over  US$1,000, while the underwear will cost around $825.  

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