FSA-Style Interrogation of Abducted Civilian – Not for the Faint-Hearted (18+)

Warning: Graphic Content (18+, Not for Shock aimed at documenting FSA crimes against humanity)

If you were wondering how the “freedom-seekers” in Syria interrogate their prisoners, take a look at this. This poor guy is a civilian that these “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists abducted, then managed to torture while accusing him of being an informant for the regime’s security personnel. Despite all the beating, the brave and patriotic man refused to give a false confession. After failing to get the false confession, they try to get a ransom from his father.

This is an illustration of a typical FSA abduction case. Thousands of such cases have been and are occurring across Syria, committed by these paid mercenaries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and NATO. Unfortunately, the majority of abduction cases have ended in murder, even in the cases where the ransom was paid in full.

Many similar videos taken by the FSA have been falsely used in the past by terrorist-sympathizers as proof of torture done by the Syrian Army against civilians. Have you ever wondered: “Where do these terrorist-supporters manage to get these videos from?” The answer is simple: “It is the FSA who is torturing, that’s why their Hollywood scenes get out first to the terrorist-supporters”.

Thanks for the freedom! We Syrians really needed that.

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