Syrian Rebels In Heavy Fighting With The Syrian Army

The Syrian army continues to push back militants fighting against the government on the outskirts of the capital Damascus. On Saturday, the army persevered with its tactical operations against the militants’ positions in al-Qaboun area, north of the capital.

“We are in the industrial zone of Qaboun. Our mission is to form a defense line and monitor the militants’ movements to fight their infiltration into the capital,” said an army soldier.

On Saturday, the army regained full control of two areas in Sadad town, situated 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of Homs, and 101 kilometers (63 miles) northeast of the capital Damascus, following heavy clashes with the militants.

Also units of Syrian Army troops have taken full control of al-Sfeira town in Syria’s northwestern province of Aleppo. Syrian soldiers seized various kinds of weapons and munitions following the gun battle and defused more than 700 improvised explosive devices planted by militants in the town’s streets.

The Syrian government will not participate in the forthcoming Geneva 2 peace conference if the aim is for President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power, the country’s information minister says.

A senior commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army and head of the militants in the northern city of Aleppo has reportedly resigned from his post over division of opposition.

In an online video, Abdul Jabbar Akidi criticized the opposition and the Syrian National Coalition, saying they are weak and irresponsible.

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