Dead Families For Tony

But The Shit Won't Quit

Following on from ‘Sending Pictures To Tony‘ and ‘Another Picture For Tony‘, I’ve sent a third tweet to the ‘Prime Minister’ of the once-great and proud nation of Australia.  This time containing images of another dead family with innocent kids in Sri Lanka.

There is a black van waiting for me in the car park…

Anyway, here is today’s virtual placard for the ‘Prime Minister’:

Pretty damn sure he won’t be seeing these, as his minders shield him from any and all interrogation, especially if it is related to issues he doesn’t much care for – like human rights…

Doing this, even though it’s probably all for nothing, is taking a bit of a toll.  The things you see when you type the words ‘genocide’ or ‘atrocities’ into Google Images can really make it quite impossible to achieve peaceful sleep.  Winding myself up for no good…

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