Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions

Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions

I’m going to attempt to convey the symbolism found in virtually all of the holidays and the occult importance they each have. When you take a step back and try to look at the purpose for the odd symbolism found in our holidays (e.g. why would a rabbit lay eggs??), you’ll begin to understand the manipulation that happens on all levels around us. You’ll see that the holidays each have their own part to play in the occult worship of the ancient pagan god Nimrod and goddess Semiramis. Most of the holidays and symbolism attached have ties to human sacrifice and magic as well. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible, but newcomers to this territory might have a difficult time navigating through the material. If it gets overwhelming feel free to skip to the section about the specific holidays and come back again to read through it.

All of the information to be presented below comes from my personal interpretation and readings from various sources, picking and choosing what I feel as relevant. I’m by no means a theologian, nor do I honestly know what I’m talking about. I’m merely trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make sense from what I’ve heard other conspiracy theorists explain. The theories seem to have holes throughout but it’s hard to prove or disprove without a working basis of knowledge on the ancient religions. Note that there are different theories on what happened, and when, and even the scholars on these subjects aren’t 100% sure what is factual and what isn’t. I’d advise you to research what you find interesting out of this, and hopefully we can move forward with a better understanding of where some of these wacky occult practices came from.

The Bronze Age of Mesopotamian culture is when the concepts of polytheism (worship of multiple gods, e.g. Paganism) seem to originate (3600-1200 BC), and we see references to this type of worship in the Bible. The Mesopotamian culture included the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians, and these cultures lived in modern day Iraq and Syria (perhaps explaining why there is so much fighting over these regions). The Canaanites referenced in the Bible lived just outside the region of Mesopotamia in western Syria, Jordan and Israel. The Mesopotamians had the first recorded form of religion (although religious worship can be dated back to 60,000 BC with the worship of a snake deity in Botswana). They believed in a god named An and the goddess Ki, with a son Enlil, but there were literally thousands of deities, and who was worshipped depended on the region.

A Protestant minister named Alexander Hislop wrote a book entitled The Two Babylons in 1853 in which he postulated that Semiramis was an actual person from Mesopotamia and was the one responsible for the belief of multiple gods and goddesses. The significance of Semiramis is that she is the root of all of the worship behind gods and goddesses. All of the gods and goddesses ultimately refer back to this goddess, Semiramis, and her counterpart god, Nimrod.


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