World News In 60 Seconds 52

WORDS: The Guardian says they’ve only published 1% of Snowden Files while China is planning to build a moon base

Its that time of the year, again, where we’ll start having the government shutdown thrown in our face

Parents putting GPS trackers on children while there was an attack on intelligence HQ in northern Iraq

Truck with radioactive material stolen in Mexico while a Pennsylvania man kills mom 85 for money to buy crack

Attacks on aid workers rise in Afghanistan

New Taliban chief returns to Pakistan

Ukrainian arms dealers sentenced in Kazakhstan

Stage 4 cancer patient who spoke out about Obamacare gets audited by the IRS, come on man

China rocket debris hit two homes while the Obama administration refuses to brief congress on Obamacare security risk

The Newtown 911 calls were released while they were more disclosers on New York City’s Stop and Frisk

House extends ban on plastic firearms as the rich get richer, thats a fact

as Syrian rebels turn homes into weapons factories while the Number 2 Japanese official exclaims Protests are a Terrorist act

And all the madness just goes on and on, and with that I have no doubt,
but thats all the time for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and I’m out!

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