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It is cold outside. I ensconed myself enshrouded with a woollen blanket in my chair. The wind hammers relentlessly against the window and I am drinking hot chocolate with cookies.
If I would have only known earlier how proficient the Swiss are at manufacturing coffee, I would have regretted more the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. failure in never delivering on his threat to send half a million men to occupy Switzerland. The Swiss’, with a 250.000 men strong militia, dry reply? Shoot twice and go home.


Well today was kinda fun. Rode with the bike, bounced on it, hurt my balls, nearly crashed due to frozen streets and returned home.
But outside my little reality, the world is on fire! Well not literally, more in a comedic manner.

First step: Australia

I expect very little from this right-wing, populist government and its people, but I truly understand their struggle. Too…

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