Police kill man with AK-47 Dash Cam Video

From ABC
Police kill suicidal driver who opens fire with AK-47 after routine traffic stop in rural Ohio.

Two police officers pulling the driver over when suddenly he pulls out an ak 47. They do survive this but it is difficult to watch.
It started as a routine traffic stop in rural ohio. Without warning the driver flings the door open and starts blasting away. It all happened last month but police have only now released this dash cam video.
In it james gilkerson unloads 33 rounds into a cruiser with an ak 47 assault rifle. Look before the shoot-out erupted. You can hear how surprised the two officers were, one letting out a scream.
Whoa! Aaron thomas was outside while her partner was incited the car. Both were injured but both returned fire, hitting the 42-year-old who can be heard saying kill me.

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