Japan ex-Prime Minister: Fukushima Very Close to ‘China Syndrome’

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Published on Mar 12, 2014

Japan ex-Prime Minister: Fukushima very close to ‘China syndrome’ — First time in history where melted fuel “burned through, leaking to outside of container” — Reactor melted down 4 hours after M9.0 quake (VIDEO)

Interview with Japan’s former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Mar. 11, 2014: the night of that first day of March 11, what I was being told, being reported, was that the water levels were safely above the level of […] fuel rods […] however, now we know that actually the measuring equipment to measure the water level was broken at that time. Only 4 hours after the earthquake occurred […] it experienced meltdown in the reactor one. And even through the container of thickness 20 centimeters, there was actually a hole being burned through, and melted fuel had been actually leaking through to the outside of the container. And now…

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