ADDITIVES for Aromatized alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine and spirituous cooler-type beverages, low alcoholic refreshers) (14.2.7)

Aditives for Aromatized alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine and spirituous cooler-type beverages, low alcoholic refreshers) (14.2.7)

Includes all non-standardized alcoholic beverage products. Although most of these products contain less than 15% alcohol, some traditional non-standardized aromatized products may contain up to 24% alcohol. Examples include aromatized wine, cider and perry; apéritif wines; americano; batidas (drinks made from cachaça, fruit juice or coconut milk and, optionally, sweetened condensed milk)1; bitter soda and bitter vino; clarea (also claré or clary; a mixture of honey, white wine and spices; it is closely related to hippocras, which is made with red wine); jurubeba alcoholic drinks (beverage alcohol product made from the Solanum paniculatum plant indigenous to the north of Brazil and other parts of South America); negus (sangria; a hot drink made with port wine, sugar, lemon and spice); sod, saft, and sodet; vermouth; zurra (in Southern Spain, a sangria made with peaches or nectarines; also the Spanish term for a spiced wine made of cold or warm wine, sugar, lemon, oranges or spices); amazake (a sweet low-alcoholic beverages (<1% alcohol) made from rice by koji; mirin (a sweet alcoholic beverage (<10% alcohol) made from a mixture of shoochuu (a spirituous beverage), rice and koji); “malternatives,” and prepared cocktails (mixtures of liquors, liqueurs, wines, essences, fruit and plant extracts, etc. marketed as ready-to-drink products or mixes). Cooler-type beverages are composed of beer, malt beverage, wine or spirituous beverage, fruit juice(s), and soda water (if carbonated).2,3,4

This page provides information on the food additive provisions that are acceptable for use in foods conforming to the food category.;jsessionid=24347136B2C75435D066CFF484D2B0DF?id=263

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