After paralyzing 6-month old baby with too many vaccines, doctor suggests MORE vaccines

The lives of 6-month-old Cerenity Garza and her family have forever been changed, since Cerenity was given a series of vaccinations that left her paralyzed and brain damaged. After receiving awhopping eight vaccinations – the DTaP-Hib-IPV (5-in-1 combo vaccine), the hepatitis B vaccine, the pneumococcal Prevnar 13 vaccine and the oral Rotavirus vaccine – Cerenity’s mother, July Garza, remembers her daughter’s health taking a dramatic turn for the worse.

“On 11-5-2012, my daughter Cerenity was 6 months old,” July told the online publication,Vactruth. “Cerenity was a perfectly healthy baby with no health or development issues at all. She was crawling and sitting on her own by this time. She was due for her 6 month shots and on this day, we took her to one of the Harris County Free Clinics, the Antoine Health Center in Houston, Texas, where she was given the six month vaccines.”

A month later, family members called July at work to inform her that Cerenity was unresponsive. When taken to the hospital, where Cerenity underwent an MRI and a CT scan, the doctor said he was at a loss to explain what was causing the decline in her health.

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