Can A Toxic Metal Found in Vaccines Cause Heart Disease?

Aluminum is a metal found in many childhood vaccines. The stated role of aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines is to enhance the immune response to the main ingredient in the vaccine. This would be either a virus or bacterial component.

Vaccines which currently contain aluminum are: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP, Tdap), Haemophilusinfluenzae type b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV) and pneumococcal.

Aluminum Stops Cellular Cleaning
Lysosomes are organelles inside of most cells in the body. These are the garbage cans of the cell that digest proteins and other molecules, spitting out their parts to be recycled into other cell components.

The interior of the lysosome is very acidic. This is necessary to break down the garbage. The acidity comes from an energy consuming process that pumps hydrogen ions into the lysosome.

Guess what blocks that hydrogen pump? You guessed it (by the title of the article), aluminum (1).

Yes, aluminum blocks the ability of the lysosome to get acidic. If not acidic, it doesn’t work, and cellular garbage starts to collect.

You can imagine the consequences of excess cellular garbage? How would your house look if you didn’t take out the garbage? It reminds me of the TV show, Hoarders.

Could Aluminum Link to Autoimmune Disease
The lysosome clears out the garbage. This includes dead cells, old cellular debris, and just about everything else.

If the lysosomes are working, the useless debris floats around the body. The debris is sensed by the immune system as foreign material. The immune system goes into attack mode and this process is linked to subsequent autoimmune conditions. Please read an excellent review by Drs. Shaw and Tomljenovic (2).

Aluminum Leads to Arterial Blockages
Lysosomes breakdown lipid particles that contain cholesterol. As LDL returns to the liver, it is taken up by LDL receptors. These receptors are like little catchers’ mitts that trap the LDL and bring it into the liver cell. The LDL particle, along with the receptor travel into the lysosome inside the cell.

But because of aluminum, the lysosome is not acidic enough, and this LDL particle/receptor complex is not broken down. So now, the cell becomes full of cholesterol. In a form of negative feedback, the cell no longer puts out receptors to trap LDL particles.

Without uptake into the liver for breakdown and reprocessing, the LDL particles keep circulating around the body, become damaged by inflammation and oxidation, and are TAKEN UP into plaque.

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