No evidence Prince died from a flu shot… rumors are pure speculation that distract from the real vaccine holocaust harming children everywhere

Suspicion has been spreading across the ‘net that Prince, who died today, was killed by a flu shot. Specifically, the website is currently asking the question and pointing out that Prince suffered from epilepsy, a condition that can make flu shots more fatal. We Are Change has also picked up the story and is carrying it now.

As one of the most outspoken critics of vaccines, I’d like to politely chime in on this rumor and say that to my knowledge, there is no evidence whatsoever linking Prince’s death to a flu shot. These stories appear to be pure speculation. (And I say that as someone who likes both of those websites!)

For the record, it is absolutely true that flu vaccines do indeed kill some people. They severely damage some children, in fact, and many flu shots still contain mercury. I’ve actually tested flu shots in my laboratory ( and found them to contain over 25,000 times the EPA limit of mercury in drinking water.

There is no question that injecting someone with toxic mercury is going to cause some sort of neurological damage. Sometimes it’s subclinical damage that doesn’t appear obvious, but other times it can be catastrophic… or even fatal. However, none of this means Prince was injected with a flu shot.

Prince would not have allowed himself to be injected with a flu shot… he was too well informed

I very much doubt Prince was the kind of person who liked to be injected with vaccines in the first place. He was a “fiercely independent” person who prided himself on living outside the establishment system. He also rightly suspected the establishment of enslaving humanity, saying in this video interview that “we are all indentured servants” and describing his belief in chemtrails.

I find it highly unlikely that someone who holds a concern about chemtrails would allow themselves to be injected with a flu shot. In his interviews, Prince comes off as extremely well informed about certain agendas, meaning he almost certainly knew full well how vaccines carry an increased risk of autism for people of African-American descent. (This was established by the CDC’s own scientist Dr. William Thompson, by the way.)

Those of us who are rightly critical of vaccine safety have every reason to blame vaccines for the deaths of a great many people, but that does not give us justification to leap to the conclusion that a vaccine caused the death of Prince… especially when there is so far no evidence whatsoever of a vaccine having been administered to Prince.

Naturally, I understand the argument of those who are concerned, saying, “Well, they covered it up!” The history of vaccine propaganda is so full of cover-ups and deceptions that I fully understand people taking this stance by default, but in the absence of any real evidence of a vaccine being involved, it is a disservice to the vaccine truth movement to falsely blame vaccines for a death that was almost certainly caused by something else.

Vaccine truth needs to focus on the truth. And that truth is horrifying enough without having to embellish it with wild leaps involving sheer speculation.

Now, if a flu shot vial turns up in Prince’s private jet, that’s another story altogether. Or if a witness comes forward and says they saw him being injected, then that’s real evidence. But we don’t have anything like that. What we have is the sad passing of a remarkable individual who was probably too far ahead of his time to be fully appreciated by the society in which he lived.

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