Why doesn’t the CDC ever talk about natural SELF-IMMUNIZATION against viruses?

Once upon a time, before the modern medical bureaucracy was built, Americans didn’t have vaccine Nazis in government who forced them, at the barrel of a gun, and with the threat of fines and imprisonment, to take an injection of a foreign substance that might leave them “protected” from disease, but might also kill them in the process.

In fact, in those days, before the vaccine cult was formed, Americans managed to stay healthy with a different sort of herd immunity: Everyone was exposed to everything there was that could make them sick, and lo and behold, look at what happened – our species didn’t die out and, in fact, flourished.

Now, the vaccine Nazis will tell you that that’s because of vaccines. But think about it: If we weren’t able to sort of self-immunize – that is, have our bodies exposed to bacteria and disease so our own natural defenses could produce their own antibodies, thereby “immunizing us” against said disease – would humankind have made it this far?

Something else to wonder about: How come the Centers for Disease Control and the medical establishment never talk about this?

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