Harvard Mumps Outbreak: The Real Story Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Covering the mumps outbreak at Harvard, the Boston Globe writes: “Massachusetts law requires undergraduates to be vaccinated against mumps before admission, and most of the Harvard students had been vaccinated, according to state health officials.” The Boston Globe should do a better job of checking their facts in this instance. Massachusetts law suggests students be vaccinated. However, Massachusetts law allows for parents and students to exercise their medical and religious autonomy by opting out of vaccination with a waiver. The university suggests that all enrolled students receive the MMR vaccine yet immunization can not be forced. Harvard currently respects the medical and religious exemptions described in the Massachusetts Immunization Law. However, in the past, many mumps outbreaks have been witnessed throughout fully vaccinated populations. In 2013, the University of Richmond had an outbreak currently rivaling that of Harvard’s despite all the effected students having a documented history of two doses of mumps-containing vaccine. Also in 2013, Loyola University in Maryland had an outbreak of 12 mumps cases despite the university requiring the MMR vaccine for all students. In 2013, a mumps outbreak at Fordham University in New York was spotlighted that showed all students diagnosed with the mumps had been fully vaccinated with the MMR vaccine before attending the university. Perpetrating the “Herd Immunity” Myth To explain away the recent Harvard mumps outbreak, the mainstream media continues to use the tired explanation of waning immunity after vaccination. No mainstream media outlet has decided to touch the proven cases of vaccine-caused disease outbreaks. However, the media and government have forced the idea — and based policy — around the failed theory of herd immunity. Assuming that the mumps vaccine is greatly effective — which evidence and whistleblowers have demonstrated it is not — the reality of achieving herd immunity with vaccines that continue to show limited effectiveness is an impossible fairy tale. The discussion rarely wades into the deep waters to question the CDC’s credibility, the dangers of vaccines or the impossibility of herd immunity. The mumps vaccine isn’t the only shot in the spotlight when one would like to debunk herd immunity. The flu vaccine was announced by USA Today to be only 23 percent effective in the U.S. for the 2014-2015 season. These dismal effectiveness numbers in the U.S. would have been welcomed by the Canadian Centre of Disease Control who reported during last years flu season that their flu shots offered zero protection. Herd immunity is impossible when vaccines remain ineffective.

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