Mumps stupidity: After vaccines fail to stop mumps outbreaks, brain dead journalists call for a THIRD round of injections… Soon it will be a fourth!

The statement by NBC news reveals that the mainstream media has a complete disregard for the safety of its readers, according to Health Impact News. Some of the reports relating to the latest outbreak reference the 2006 outbreak, which saw at least 6,500 cases in 11 different states. The pro-vaccine community are saying that the effects of the MMR vaccine are waning, having been administered during childhood – claiming that we need to vaccinate again. But doesn’t this reveal just how ineffective vaccines are?

The Boston Globe wrongly states that, “Massachusetts law requires undergraduates to be vaccinated against mumps before admission, and most of the Harvard students had been vaccinated, according to state health officials,” according to Health Impact News This is in fact not correct; the law simply suggests that students be vaccinated, but allows parents and students to exercise their medical and religious autonomy by option out of vaccination with a waiver.

As reported by Natural News, 77 percent of those infected had already been vaccinated – showing that vaccines just don’t work. But the doctors that administer vaccines never mention that they don’t or might not work – there is always an implied promise of complete protection.

Vaccines are a very lucrative business, and according to Canada’s Global Research, the ineffective MMR vaccine allows its manufacturer, Merck, to make billions of dollars every year. So it’s not surprising that Merck doesn’t want the truth to come out regarding just how ineffective its vaccine is.

The mainstream media is controlled and funded by Big Pharma, who connive and scheme together to make sure that people rely on drugs, not natural healthcare – discrediting natural medicine, and brainwashing consumers into believing that drugs and vaccines are somehow vital to survival.

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