Aidan Quinn Opens Up About His Vaccine Damaged Autistic Child

Aidan Quinn is an Irish-American actor with an autistic child. He also talks openly about how his child became autistic due to a vaccination injury.
“Autism doesn’t run in the family. My oldest daughter had an extreme reaction to a vaccination. She was a normal child.”
When pressed further, he explains the only debate about autism as a vaccination injury, is from billions and billions of dollars of drug company money, and goes on to explain about the Vaccine Court and the lack of claims filed against it is due to the difficulty surrounding any claims. He estimates 1 out of 20 of the injured even contact the Vaccine Court. As the interviewer continues, you can see the pain on Quinn’s face when the strain that Autism places on the family is mentioned

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Aidan Quinn Opens Up About His Vaccine Damaged Autistic Child

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