Kenya Gov Just Admitted Measles Vaccine Has Side-Effects

A new social media campaign hoping to increase vaccination rates may have just backfired on Kenya’s Health Ministry.

The Health Ministry posted messages on their Facebook page encouraging more vaccinations for measles, yet also admitting that parents should expect side-effects, which they termed as “normal.”

“Acknowledging the developments from the vaccine in its Facebook page, the ministry assured parents and children that side effects are common, and just like other medications, the measles vaccine is no exception.
The governing body noted that side effects range from fever, rashes and irritation”

The Ministry also went on to explain to parents that they don’t feel these side-effects are “life threatening.” Trust your Government, folks, and be lead down a path of total subjugation. The fact is, this vaccine is harmful and the admission by the government should serve as ample warning to parents. Past years have shown that governments are more than willing to perputuate lies, considering the vaccine is often pitched as “harmless.” Children are more than capable of building their own immunity.

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