Snoop Dogg Sends Out Support Of #Vaxxed

There is great news on the Vaxxed:The Movie front. As most are aware, Robert DeNiro was featured on the Today Show and now has also announced he will be involved in creating a documentary with Harvey Weinstein regarding vaccinations, and decided to speak his mind about the movie. What has seemingly happened since then is a flood of support for the movie. Most feel the key to DeNiro speech was his approaching of the subject with heartfelt emotion and honesty. He left people with a plea to see the movie with an open mind and re-examine vaccine safety.

While DeNiro has faced great backlash, there is a feeling of this being a watershed moment in the movement for vaccine safety. And there is no greater sign of that, than with the currently expanding release of the movie and of course, the support of his Hollywood friends. From Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone and now Snoop Dogg, the Hollywood community has decided to rally around their own and come out and openly question why this movie is being so widely censored and is taking action by seeing the movie and posting their thoughts after watching.

The post below on Instagram came from one of the largest accounts, Snoop Dogg has over 9 million followers and the post has already garnered over 17,000 likes. This movie is just the impetus this revolution has always needed. I have embedded the Instagram post at the bottom if you wish to show support there as well.

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Snoop Dogg Sends Out Support Of #Vaxxed

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