Vaccines Trigger Autism in Genetically Susceptible Children.

Vaccines Trigger Autism in Genetically Susceptible Children.

At that point in time, there were 4,800 families who had petitioned the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and were waiting to be heard in “vaccine court” – where there is no jury of peers, no fair trial. A court-appointed “special master” hears the case and decides whether or not the family will be compensated for the injuries sustained by the vaccines that were administered.
Why? In 1986, vaccine manufacturers were granted immunity to lawsuits and could no longer be sued when their products inevitably cause death or injury. They are not liable. After the law was passed, the number of shots in the CDC schedule increased dramatically. No liability, no reason to proceed with caution. More vaccines developed, and more vaccines recommended or mandated by the CDC = more $$$. No other industry has this kind of legal protection.
As of 2012, the VICP has awarded/paid out over three billion dollars to the families of vaccine-injured children. And of course, this only represents the fraction of petitions of vaccine injuries and deaths, for which special masters decide to grant compensation. Two-thirds of all petitions are denied. Unfortunately, the independent scientific evidence showing that vaccines and their ingredients can and do trigger autism is typically ignored by our government, and the fraudulent CDC study which claimed to end the debate on whether or not the MMR vaccine caused autism has been used to deny vaccine injury victims compensation by the VICP. Considering the impediments that parents experience in getting their child’s vaccine-induce autism recognized by medial professionals and our government, if the amount paid out by the VICP reflected the true amount of vaccine-injured children, it would be much, much higher.
In 2010, the U.S. government awarded the family of Hannah Poling 1.5+ million dollars for vaccine-induced autism.

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