Dr. Blaylock shares his views on mandating vaccinations

Dr. Blaylock shares his views on mandating vaccinations –
Vaccinations should not be mandated as they have never been proven to be 100% safe nor effective.
There is compelling scientific evidence showing that vaccinations are not as safe as the pharmaceutical industry-sponsored mainstream media are suggesting. Significant serious complications such as death, seizures, encephalitis and brain damage can occur as a result of vaccination, all this is well documented in the medical literature and such complications are more frequent than the pharmaceutical industry-sponsored mainstream media would have people believe.
No one has the right to force parents to vaccinate especially when it is well documented in scientific studies demonstrating the mechanisms by which vaccinations can cause harm to children.
If it could be demonstrated that vaccinations were 100% safe and do not cause any adverse effects or harm, then it would be a different story. However, this cannot be demonstrated and the scientific evidence is clearly showing that vaccinations are continuing to cause complications..
Since the increase in the vaccination schedule, there appears to also be a correlation between the increase in auto-immune disease, neurological damage, impairment in learning, memory and speech linked to vaccination.
The argument for mandating vaccination is that non-vaccinated children put other children at risk of disease But if the vaccinations are as effective as the pharmaceutical companies suggest, why does it matter if other children are not vaccinated? If the vaccines are supposed to prevent the child from getting the disease anyway? This is a poor argument, but it makes a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industries who sponsor the media and lobby politicians to support mandating their vaccinations.
When the evidence for outbreaks like measles are examined we find that most of the children in these outbreaks were already fully vaccinated and that the vaccines are in fact no where near as effective as what the pharmaceutical companies are claiming. Many of these diseases such as measles and chicken pox are not fatal diseases in western countries, only in poor countries where there is lack of nutrition and the children there have compromised immune systems

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