Vaccines Are Not Safe: Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Vaccines Are Not Safe: Dr. Russell Blaylock.
Alex Jones show January 2012. Dr. Russell Blaylock discuses the safety of vaccines and uncovers some shocking facts.
Vaccine Mandate Problems — Dr. Russell Blaylock MD
Mandating vaccines is a fancy way of saying that people are being forced against their will and better judgment to be vaccinated. During the days of the polio epidemic, fear was the driving force for our government’s action.
Parents were terrified, and demanded that the medical community and the government do something. What the public did not know at the time was that both Salk (the first polio vaccine developed) and Sabin (oral or “sugar cube” version) vaccines were contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called SV-40. The fact that this virus, and thus the vaccines, could cause cancer was known almost from the beginning, before the mass vaccination programs began. Yet over 100 million people were exposed to this dangerous virus.
New evidence strongly suggests that several human types of cancer are caused by this virus, including brain cancers, blood cancers, bone cancers, and cancers of the nervous system and lungs. The virus came from the vaccine itself, mainly the earlier series of the Sabin oral vaccine. (For more information on the causes of cancer and how to avoid becoming a victim, read my special report “Prevent Cancer Before It’s Too Late.”)
Experts on vaccine contamination suggested that the early polio vaccines contained hundreds of other contaminating organisms, some of which may have caused other cancers or even degenerating brain conditions.
We have no real way to know just how many have died from these vaccine-induced cancers and diseases. However, it has been learned that SV-40 can be passed down generations, so that our children and grandchildren are now showing up with the virus.
There is no way to remove this virus. This deadly event should be a wake-up call for all of us. My report “Vaccines and Brain Injuries Are You At Risk?” will give you more information on the dangers of vaccines.
Now, young girls are being frightened into taking a series of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines that have been associated with 18,727 adverse events, including 100 deaths and almost 2,000 serious, permanent injuries. What makes these numbers even more shocking is that it represents only 2 to 10 percent of actual adverse reactions to the vaccine, according to a careful review of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
Why do the makers of this vaccine feel they must lobby various state legislators to make it mandatory for all girls over age 10? Plainly said, this campaign is based on the ignorance of most physicians concerning cervical cancer and vaccine safety issues, combined with hysteria induced by the media.
Cervical cancer is one of the rarest of the female cancers, and almost 90 percent of cases occur after age 45. Cervical cancer in young girls is virtually unknown.
In fact, 90 percent of women infected with HPV will spontaneously clear the virus without treatment, and 99.6 percent will never develop cervical cancer. What’s more, women who have regular, recommended pap smears even if they do develop cervical cancer have a 91 to 100 percent cure rate. Yet few are told that there is no evidence to date that the vaccine can prevent cervical cancer.
The harm from this vaccine far exceeds any claimed benefit.

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