Vaccine injury story – Jordan

Meet Jordan
Jordan’s life was forever changed because of his vaccine injury. As I type this, I am overrun with so many emotions: anger, anxiety, joy, excitement, relief, hope, etc. Although my Jordan struggles, and it isn’t fair, he’s here. About a week ago, I realized what my purpose in life is. I have always searched for this. It is so very clear now. I’m limited with where I can go and how I can help because my every day is spent caring for my vaccine injured son. He’s almost 18 and does not speak. I need to speak for him, just as I always have. I am his mother, his protector, his advocate. Yes, I do this for all 5 of my kids, but he needs me to do this for him and all the other children who suffer or who will. I’ve sat in silence while I watch others believe that vaccines are protecting their kids. I need to do something with what I was given. God spoke to me that morning. I used to believe my son was a minority. I now know better. I thought it was a freak accident. It was preventable. He also has a purpose. He taught me so much. Now I know that he has a much greater purpose. He is here to show others the truth. It’s ugly, but it is fact and it’s real. He’s not a statistic. He’s a person. He has rights. The last few weeks have been very rough. School is out. My son is a mess. I’ve had lots of anxiety. I kept asking God, “why me? Why? Is this punishment?” He spoke to me and told me why. It is not punishment. It is purpose. My life and outlook completely changed that morning. I’m no longer feeling sorry for myself or my son.


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