Did You Know Vaccination Today Is More Than “Just A Few Shots”?

Did You Know Vaccination Today Is More Than “Just A Few Shots”?
You were fully vaccinated as a child and you turned out just fine. How much has the recommended vaccine schedule changed since then? Has the number of doses increased by much? You may be surprised to learn what today’s parents are told to give their babies.

Whether you choose to fully vaccinate, delay vaccines, spread out the shots, or opt out for your child, vaccination is a complex medical treatment that requires parents be HONESTLY informed of both the side effects and benefits before making a decision that works for their family.
All medical decisions must involve informed consent, and vaccination is no exception.
Medicine should always be a free choice, and parents are the only ones who should decide what medicine or medical procedure their child receives under the guidance of their trusted health care professional. There is currently a concerted effort in the legislative, medical, and pharmaceutical arenas to take this right away from parents nationwide.
Concerned citizens do not want any medical intervention to become mandatory, whether it be psychiatric medications, antibiotics, immunizations, or other invasive medical procedures. The reason for this is simple: every human body is unique and responds differently to medical treatment, and therefore health care can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Medicine should be a free choice, and informed consent without coercion is a human right guaranteed by every international medical organization.

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