Simple Ways To Winter-Proof Your Body Against Flu

Simple Ways To Winter-Proof Your Body Against Flu
-Add antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to support the immunity T cells to fight infections.
-Include protein rich food like fish, seafood, lean meat, eggs, lentils, beans and soy products to your diet.
-Garlic contains allicin and ajoene that have anti-viral properties. Take as supplements or add cloves to hot soups and stews.
-A study at the University of Vienna shows that probiotics not only improve digestion but fortify your natural defence shield. Top probiotic natural yogurt with some grated ginger, chopped nuts and a drizzle of honey.
-Researchers from the University of South Carolina found that even a 20-minute brisk walk daily, helped absorb available Vitamin D even from scant sunlight and greatly reduce the risks of catching a cold.
-A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that you feel much less “thirsty” in cold temperatures, so don’t wait too long to rehydrate yourself at regular intervals.Sipping on warm ginger tea or hot apple juice with cinnamon is advised.
-Make a conscious effort to sleep, rest and relax during the day, socialize with friends, walk the dog or do things that destress you. Do not keep your relaxation on low priority.
-Invest in a good humidifier that keeps respiratory passages moist and clear. Keeping a bowl of water in your room or using a saline solution to flush your sinuses can ease congestion and keep cold and flu at bay.

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