Proof Of Soul’s Existence?

Fellowship of the Minds

Last Tuesday morning, my father, a great patriot and a man of honor, passed suddenly and peacefully, only four months from what would have been his 100th birthday. God was merciful, as my father not only lived a long life, though he had become increasingly frail and feeble, he was spared from grinding illness to the end. 

It is said that what distinguishes homo sapiens from other creatures is our consciousness of death and of our own impending mortality. Only humans mourn the dead, with possibly the exception of elephants who give every sign of grief and mourning when they would return to the remains of a dead family member, to tenderly caress the loved one’s tusks with their trunks.

Anthropologists maintain that it is the human consciousness of death that accounts for our belief in the soul — a conviction that is cross-cultural and reaches back to our earliest ancestors. The reality of the soul is pivotal in…

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