When you vaccinate malnourished children, many of them die

When you vaccinate malnourished children, many of them die
“[The CDC] has the public convinced, and when mom comes in [she’s told] oh you don’t know, millions of children would die if we don’t vaccinate everyone against the measles. Well, what they’re doing is they’re transferring data from Third World countries… because in Africa, yes, millions will die from measles. Why? Because they’re war-torn countries, mass nutritional deficiency, and parasitic infections. So these children can’t react normally to the viruses, so they die. It has nothing to do with the fact that measles is such a killer.
And that’s why in the United States we don’t really have that many outbreaks of measles, and it’s very rare for children to die, and the ones that die usually have some kind of immune compromising condition. Normal children don’t generally die from measles.
Now, when we look at the measles death rate, or polio death rate, all those infectious diseases of childhood, the death rate fell dramatically before they started the mass inoculation programs. And that’s universal. For instance, measles death rate fell 90% before they ever started mass inoculations. Had nothing to do with the vaccine itself; it was better hygiene, better public health, and better nutrition, as they began to bring vegetables and stuff into the cities, and better nutrition with vegetables, in particular… death rates began to fall.
What we even see is that if you vaccinate malnourished children, you get a high death rate. You know, they had this big idea that we could go to Africa and to the aborigines in Australia, and they were going to vaccinate mass numbers of them. And what they found was almost half of them died when they got the vaccine. And they discovered it was because they were zinc deficient and they were deficient in vitamin A. When they gave them vitamin A and zinc, the death rate fell precipitously. So it shows the enormous effect of malnutrition on dying from infectious diseases or even vaccination.

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