Vaccine injury testimony – Bobby Maguire

Meet my little boy Bobby maguire he was once fine happy playing no bother atall until he has a vaccine at 4 month old that night he was in hospital like this he can have 14 of these in a day and another 6 in his sleep he a tops breathing goes blue each one damaging his brain they tried palming me off with medication for him and said gentic epilepsy they only day gentic cz it won’t show up on tests but I promise vaccines are doing this then the doctors.are.leing to the parents meningitis is caused by the vaccines for to stop it when u get ur child vaccinated they inject them with the disiese that they atop stopped trying to stop then the body produces antibodies for that.desiese of you have already got the meningitis gene in ur dna u will get it of the vaccine all proplem today with children are . the vaccines adhd everything now if ifs child is a child playing shouting screaming like a child should there is summit Rong with them and they medicate them how fucking silly is that a child been a child let’s. Drug them I bet peoppe think al that jail did my head in acting like This but I. Now wat doing anyone that puts shite.on here anyway are radgies putting things like drugs and telling everybody ther life story Facebook is nothing but a spy game police.uses to spend millions spying on people find out if they are.up To out now they come on here amd laugh cz they can tell u even what u had for tea amd the order it was put on the plate I but things on here that I want people to now just want to. Help people with these vaccines cz teachers nhs don’t help they cover symptoms up not get rid of these proplems people rely to much of medications nowadays yes are going there was not as much of medications as today and people were more healthy bk them than today just research b4 u vaccinate cz there bad
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