Medical Professionals: Stand Up to the Truth about Vaccines

Medical Professionals: Stand Up to the Truth about Vaccines
Janet Levatin, MD
The time has come for medical professionals to speak out about the damage vaccines are causing. Since smallpox, the first widely used vaccine, was introduced in the late 1700s, the government, the medical profession, and vaccine manufacturers have been pushing to make vaccination mandatory. The reasons are complex and misguided, and include blind trust in a faulty system, lust for profits, and a desire to control the populace.
The first vaccine resistance movement, called Our Babies’ Battle, emerged at the same time the first compulsory vaccination law was passed in the UK in 1853. Children were dying of gangrene and other infections caused by the smallpox vaccines (yes, vaccines have been damaging people from the beginning). People have continued to resist to this very day. If vaccines were truly safe, there would be nothing to protest…. but they are not safe, nor are they very effective. The entire vaccine industry – including most pediatricians – will not admit that vaccines regularly cause serious side effects and even death, but there are hundreds of research studies that prove it. For lists of articles on this topic go here and here. Nearly 1,000 more articles on problems caused by vaccines can be found at
I first became aware there were problems with vaccinations in the early 1980s when I saw a baby who had died of SIDS arrive in the emergency room around 2 am. The medical history I obtained from the parents revealed that the baby had been vaccinated within the last 18 hours. I witnessed this tragic sequence of events two more times early in my career. There have been countless other similar cases. The US has one of the highest SIDS rates in the developed world.

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