Cancer researchers don’t want a ‘cure’, they would lose billions

Cancer researchers don’t want a ‘cure’, they would lose billions
The war on cancer began nearly half a century ago, and yet, not much has really changed. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and development, so you’d think by now they’d have come up with better, more effective treatments, wouldn’t you? Look at the immense developments that have been made in other forms of technology — and in less time! Smart phones, anyone?
All of the money spent and research conducted has had very little impact on cancer incidence; modest reductions in cancer deaths are largely attributed to earlier detection, which in turn increases five-year survival rates. The five-year survival rate is modern medicine’s most favored measurement of success, though in terms of overall lifespan, five years is really a drop in the bucket for most people.
Of course, there are reasons why cancer research has been begrudgingly slow to make progress. First and foremost, most research directs itself away from the true primary cause of cancer: exposure to toxins. Decades ago, this could have been attributed to a lack of knowledge, but today it is clear that there are reasons behind this diversion.
Two primary reasons are to protect corporate interests and those who produce and sell toxins, as well as mainstream medicine’s greed. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, so why would they sacrifice their virtually boundless income just to heal people?

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