1,131 Christians Identified by Name Killed by ISIS, Says Report

1,131 Christians Identified by Name Killed by ISIS, Says Report
There are at least 1,131 Christians, whose names and location of death have been recorded, killed by the Islamic terror group ISIS, according to a report submitted to the U.S. State Department.
These were Christians martyred for their faith from 2003 until June 9, 2014 as listed in the document. There were apparently more Christians killed between 2015 and 2016 but the details have not yet been recorded, CNS News said.
The report, entitled “Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East,” was submitted by Knights of Columbus and the nonprofit organization In Defense of Christians to Secretary of State John Kerry in March. It compiles statements from Christians about their experiences in Iraq when ISIS invaded their villages, how they escaped and what happened to family members and relatives left behind.
It also gives an account of the crimes committed against Christians, such as abduction, enslavement, imprisonment, torture, sexual violence and others. One chapter deals specifically with the “price list” of Christian and Yazidi sex slaves, who were referred to as “spoils of war.”
The report shows a copy of a document apparently obtained from ISIS that lists the standard “price” for specific age brackets for girls and women captured by the terror group. Yazidi or Christian girls aged 1 to 9, for example, could be bought for 200,000 dinars and were the most expensive compared to the others. Next to them were females aged 10 to 20, who were sold for 150,000 dinars.
The document stressed that the list must be followed in order to compensate for the losses in revenue owing to the decrease in the demand for sex slaves.

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