A Vaccine Free Lifestyle Is A Healthy Lifestyle

We Have Healthy Vaccine Free Children
On October 15, 2016 I asked parents on Facebook to share their vaccine free healthy child stories and over 300 parents responded! Scroll down to review a sampling of the comments and then click over to Facebook to read more comments or join the conversation! ~ Larry Cook
Leanne Hart: I am a mother of four children, three sons and a daughter. My oldest was vaccinated as per schedule (1997) until he developed mumps and a bacterial infection from the MMR. Bucal tests confirmed mumps and further analysis showed it to be the Jeryl Lynn strain…the vaccine strain, not wild-type mumps. He was put on IV antibiotics and made a full recovery. Needless to say, I was done with vaccines. None of my kids have a single chronic condition, never have had to be on antibiotics(except for the vaccine incident), never have had a single infection of any kind beyond a cold. Zero health issues and zero regrets as to my decision to stop vaccinating.
Ali Honisch: My 2.5 yr old vaccine free son has had one cold he caught from me. He only eats organic food, no sugar, raw milk, nothing microwaved, filtered water and lots of time outside in the dirt. He’s very bright, strong, and robust.
Ginger Holland: My 18 m.o. Grandson has never been vaccinated. He’s completely healthy, very intelligent, great motor skills, and has never been sick at all. My 16 month old partially vaccinated grandchild is always sick, regardless of a healthy lifestyle. Neither attend day care and associate with the same group of people.

A Vaccine Free Lifestyle Is A Healthy Lifestyle
Mom Gives Compelling Reasons To Avoid Vaccination and Vaccines
Natural health activist Brittney Kara shares how she keeps her family of five healthy and happy, which includes no vaccines and avoiding vaccination. She shares the story of her child who couldn’t sleep properly for over a year after one vaccination, why vaccines are dangerous and why we don’t need vaccines in order to protect our children from infections.

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