Vaccines – The Basic Facts

Vaccines – The Basic Facts
1. Vaccines are not given in the way we normally contract the disease. With the exception of the oral polio vaccine, all other vaccines are injected into the body. Naturally contracted diseases must go through a series of defense systems which promotes life-long immunity.
2. All children, regardless of size or age get the same dosage of vaccine. All other medicines dispensed are based on weight. This is not done with vaccines.
3. Most childhood diseases had already drastically declined BEFORE vaccines were introduced. For example, the polio epidemic of the 1940’s was on its way out when the vaccine program began in the 1950’s. And in many cases, there was an increase in the number of cases after the vaccines were introduced. The decline in incidence of disease can be much attributed to an increase in sanitation with indoor plumbing and the flushable toilet, as well as clean water and nutritious food.
4. Vaccines contain harmful substances. Chemicals, such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and thimerisol are added to bacterial or virus preparations.
5. Vaccines are not proven to be effective. There continue to be “outbreaks” of disease in vaccinated communities. In the 1993 pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak in Cincinnati, 80% of those under 5 years had been vaccinated. In Australia, where vaccines are not mandated, only half the population is vaccinated and the rates of disease are the same.
6. Vaccines are not proven to be safe. Many other countries around the world have stopped mandatory vaccination programs after serious side effects are observed. Sweden and Japan no longer routinely give the pertussis vaccine. A US study found that 1:875 DPT shots caused convulsions and/or shock and collapse. There are studies which show the measles vaccine can cause death and the hepatitis B vaccine can cause shock.
7. We don’t know all the long term effects of vaccines. They know there is a connection with polio, diptheria, tetanus, measles, and smallpox vaccines and multiple sclerosis. The measles vaccine can cause Chron’s disease. The MMR vaccine may cause arthritis. Hepatits B vaccine is linked with central nervous system demyelination. Female children who do not get childhood diseases naturally will not develop antibodies to pass along to their babies through breast milk, causing them to be at risk for infection.
8. The “Germ Theory” doesn’t exist. If it did EVERYONE would be sick ALL the time. You will only “get sick” when your body’s immune system has become weakened.
9. Vaccines weaken the immune system. Since mass vaccination programs began, there has been a rise in ear infections, allergies and asthma which have been in part attributed to vaccines. Only when diseases stimulate the normal immune response do they cause lifelong immunity and make the immune system even stronger.
10. Children vaccinated with childhood diseases are likely to contract these diseases as an adult. Measles, mumps, and chicken pox are much more severe when contracted as adults.
11. Vaccines are big business. Vaccines are a multibillion dollar business shared by the government, public health department, medical doctors, pharmacies, and the insurance industries. They have a financial stake in your child getting vaccinated.
Informed Consent
Before you give your child a vaccine, you should have knowledge of the risks they pose. This is called Informed Consent. Deciding whether to vaccinate your child will be one of the major decisions you make as a parent and it is not one to be taken lightly and certainly not blindly. It is you, the parent, your child, and the family who will have to live with the consequences should your child be injured or killed by a vaccine. Information is power; once you have ALL the information regarding vaccines, you can make an educated decision about which vaccines, if any, you want administered.

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