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Breaking down the barriers to employment for autistic people
Only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid work. Kathryn Moore, 25, discusses the prejudices people like her face, explains why her autism can actually be helpful to her job, and gives advice to employers on how to be more supportive
Kathryn Moore, 25, from Peterborough, works in customer service. She’s been in the role for eight days and hopes to remain. Though Moore, who is autistic, has never struggled to find work, hanging on to a job can be a problem.
“I find busy environments with lots of noise quite difficult,” she says, so retail roles are not ideal for her. Moore also struggles with social interactions and finds workplace relationships difficult to navigate: “I generally don’t pick up on subtle cues and body language, and that can lead to issues with colleagues.”

ActiveNews – Dumitru Bălan – Dezbaterea despre legea vaccinării (26.05.2017)
Declarație Dumitru Bălan – Grupul “Copiii sensibilizați de dermatita atopică, alergii și intoleranțe alimentare

And here’s some articles for those who think otherwise
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NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published”
Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Marcia Angell is the author of The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It. But more to the point, she’s also the former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine, arguably one of the most respected medical journals on earth. But after reading her article in the New York Review of Books called Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption, one wonders if any medical journal on earth is worth anybody’s respect anymore.
“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
Dr. Angell cites the case of Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. She explains:
“Thanks largely to him, children as young as two years old are now being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose, and none of which were approved for children below ten years of age.”
Biederman’s own studies of the drugs he advocates to treat childhood bipolar disorder were, as The New York Times summarized the opinions of its expert sources, “so small and loosely designed that they were largely inconclusive.”
In June 2009, an American senate investigation revealed that drug companies, including those that make drugs he advocates for childhood bipolar disorder, had paid Biederman $1.6 million in “consulting” and “speaking” fees between 2000 and 2007.

What You Didn’t Know About the Aborted Baby Parts in Your Vaccines
Surely by now you’ve seen at least one of the many Planned Parenthood videos making the rounds. You know, the videos that discussed in painful detail how babies are ripped from their mothers, hacked up, and sold to the highest bidder? The videos where professionals (over lunch no less) laughingly talked about changing their procedures – putting women at greater risk of complication – to obtain perfect specimens, in the name of the Lamborghini and all. The video where a live baby with a beating heart was killed for a brain?
I wish I was making this stuff up, but I’m not. The truth is, abortions are a for-profit industry and dead baby parts are big business. But what do you expect from an organization whose founder believed that one race was superior to another and strategically placed her abortion clinics in poor, black communities to weed out black americans or believed that the greatest gift a large family could give an unborn child was to kill them?
What do you expect from a medical and scientific community that claims that science cannot advance without aborted babies, or a government that views aborted baby specimens as their own property and mandates that parents inject their kids with vaccines containing aborted fetal cells, DNA, and protein?
Many of the same legislators demanding that Planned Parenthood be defunded to prevent them from selling aborted baby parts, are hypocritically supporting mandates that would force parents to inject their children with them. It’s the equivalent of saying, let’s ban sugar while mandating that parents feed their children sugar cookies and pretending that the sugar cookies don’t contain sugar. It makes absolutely zero sense.
Many of the same parents holding up a pro-life sign on Sunday, are leading the charge against others for not vaccinating their children with vaccines containing aborted baby ingredients on well-check baby Monday. In fact, some of the biggest Christian organizations and magazine publications have promoted vaccines containing aborted baby ingredients and have given platforms to atheists bashing the religious reasons for opting out, while demanding that we stand up against abortion. Hello? Hypocrisy anyone?
No wonder people are confused. You’ve got the church telling you to vaccinate your kid, the state shoving it down your throat, religious leaders preaching all things pro-life, and the vaccine enthusiasts pretending the entire issue doesn’t exist.

FDA Approved Vaccine with Autism and SIDS Listed as Adverse Events, Vaccine Safety Website Removes Information
Some very disturbing news recently came across my desk from a fellow activist.
The Tripedia vaccine product insert was removed from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety website. [1] I also discovered that it is now missing from the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Price List. The “official” reason is likely Sanofi Pasteur’s discontinuing the production of the vaccine. [2]
However, closer inspection of the Tripedia product insert reveals another smoking-gun relationship between vaccines and autism.

Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2
By Erin Elizabeth
If you are a parent looking for a pediatrician or looking to find a new pediatrician who actually has your child’s best interest at heart, you’ll want to read this. For those of you who don’t know, pediatricians all over the country have begun refusing to accept families who don’t vaccinate, who partially vaccinate, or who want to vaccinate on a different schedule.
We’ve been threatened. We’ve been called names. We’ve been told we are horrible parents. However, it seems the real reason doctors are so concerned about us opting out is that they are compensated by the number of vaccines they are able to administer to their patients. You read that correctly.
Thank you to Cognitive Truths for discovering the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet from 2016, click here to see it: 2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-Program-Booklet. 1 Inside you will find the payouts given per vaccines. It’s unbelievable.
“The average American pediatrician has 1546 patients, though some pediatricians see many more. The vast majority of those patients are very young, perhaps because children transition to a family physician or stop visiting the doctor at all as they grow up. As the table above explains, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays pediatricians $400 per fully vaccinated child. If your pediatrician has just 100 fully-vaccinated patients turning 2 this year, that’s $40,000. Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000.”2

I am a biological terrorist because my kids didn’t get a vaccine
Matt Walsh
Yesterday my wife took the twins to the doctor for a checkup. They wanted to start our babies on their “vaccination schedule,” but, oddly, our schedule differs slightly from the one predetermined by the medical establishment. I’m not against all vaccines, but I am strongly opposed to the idea of blindly handing our babies over to the nurse and saying, “Here! Pump whatever chemicals you want into them. I’ll be in the lobby reading a Highlights magazine, give me a holler when it’s over.” In other words, vaccinating is a conscious decision that my wife and I wish to make, not one with which we will passively cooperate.
That said, one of the vaccines we chose to forgo is the Hepatitis B immunization. I mentioned that on Friday’s show and it elicited many responses from folks who are, apparently, quite offended that we didn’t consult with them before making a choice about our children’s medical treatment. You know, all parenting decisions you make these days must be debated in front of the People’s Peanut Gallery, where the verdicts are swift and harsh.

The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines! | Suzanne Humphries

So, vaccines do boost the immune system, at least one branch of it versus another, depending on what kind of a vaccine. I don’t paint all vaccines with the same brush because live vaccines are different than killed vaccines, and there are different kinds of both. So, if you were to inject a baby with a DTaP vaccine, that baby’s immune system wouldn’t do very much, so they have to put aluminum into the vaccine for that baby to respond. And that’s why aluminum was put into the vaccines, because when it comes to these sub-unit or killed vaccines the infant immune system just won’t respond to it.

Ecco il video che sta facendo cambiare idea sui vaccini a migliaia di genitori – RadicalBio

Russell Blaylock M.D – Vaccines & Immunoexcitotoxicity
Dr. Russell Blaylock speaking at The National Autism Association (NAA).
(To read Dr. Blaylock’s papers in full visit:
A Possible Central Mechanism in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interaction of Activated Microglia, Excitotoxicity, Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species, Lipid Peroxidation Products and the Role of Elevated Androgen Levels in Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
374 research studies cited
The autism spectrum disorders are a group of related neurodevelopmental disorders, which have been increasing in incidence since the 1980s. While a large mass of information and data has been forthcoming, still a central unifying mechanism has not been offered. A review of the studies on autism spectrum disorders disclose a number of findings that are interconnected.
Most important appears to be disruption of brain cell calcium homeostasis by a number of events, such as excitotoxicity, androgen excess and elevations in inflammatory cytokines. Free radical generation and lipid peroxidation is a common event in examined cases of autism spectrum disorder. Recently, researchers have discovered high levels of androgens in a group of autistic children and that pharmaceutical lowering of androgen levels can produce rapid and dramatic improvement in a number of cases. Several studies have shown worsening of neurological injuries under conditions of high androgen levels. In addition, high androgen levels have been shown to trigger calcium accumulation in neurons through a special membrane receptor.
Likewise, a number of researchers have found rapid improvement in symptoms following anti-inflammatory treatments or dietary changes. What all these events have in common is that they magnify the excitotoxic process, a major mechanism for CNS injury due to a number of insults, including hypoxia/ischemia, heavy metal poisoning, trauma, infections, seizures and hypoglycemia. Many have noted an association between an increase in the number of vaccines added to the immunization schedule coincident with the rise in autism cases. An abundance of research has shown that systemic immune activation can trigger brain microglial activation, the resident immune cell type for the central nervous system (CNS). It has also been shown, that when these microglia are primed by prior stimulation, the intensity of the immune reaction is greatly magnified. Subsequent immune stimulation turns this into a chronic state of activation.
Others have noted the connection to high mercury burdens in the autistic child secondary to mercury containing vaccines (thimerosal) and from other sources. Mercury is a powerful activator of microglia, even in very minute doses. In addition, mercury inhibits a number of energy-generating enzymes systems, triggers free radical generation and lipid peroxidation, inhibits a number of antioxidant systems and inhibits the glutamate transport proteins, also at very low concentrations.
There is compelling evidence that excessive immune stimulation during critical stages of brain development can cause disruption of neurodevelopment by affecting neuronal and glial cell migration, dendritic outgrowth, synaptic development and consolidation and by triggering neurodegeneration.
Because the majority of the vaccinations are given during the period of most rapid brain growth, such hyperimmune brain activation risk disrupting neurodevelopment, especially for higher cortical functions. This has been repeatedly shown in experimental animals. Intimately connected with CNS microglial activation is the release of powerful excitotoxins, glutamate and quniolinic acid. This is especially so since glutamate plays a critical role in brain cell migration, differentiation, synaptic stabilization and pruning. The level of glutamate, which fluctuate throughout neurodevelopment, is critical. Here I show that altering these levels by way of immune alterations and other mechanisms, plays havoc on the developing nervous system.
(This article originally appeared in the USAAA Weekly News, June 13, 2007)


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