Health dangers of Mobile Phones

Health dangers of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have revolutionised communications throughout the world. Texting has resulted in a new language barely understood by the pre-mobile phone generation. It is hard to imagine the modern business and younger social world without the mobile phone. Unfortunately, research from across the globe is showing that long-term usage of mobile phones can be damaging to your health. It is associated with brain tumours, memory and concentration problems and rat experiments have found signs of early onset dementia (similar to Alzheimer’s – Salford 2003). Mobile phone use without a
hands-free kit in a car has been banned in the UK, because of the increased risk of having an accident (Due to the distraction caused by using the phone). The UK Department of Health has also issued advice stating that people should attempt to keep their calls as short as possible, and that children and young people under the age of 16 should only use their phones in emergencies, based on the current uncertainties in the existing scientific literature.
Your phone communicates at full power when it is connecting to a number. Hold your phone away from your body when you have finished dialling until the person answers. If you are texting, hold it away from you until the text is sent. The parts of the body which are most vulnerable to microwave radiation are the eyes, the breasts and testicles. Other parts of the body which are sensitive are internal soft tissue organs such kidneys, liver, ovaries, etc. Your phone should be kept away from these parts of the body. When your phone is on standby, it communicates (at full power) with the nearest base station regularly to ensure it has the best signal possible. This could be once every 30 minutes if you are staionary in a good signal area. If you are in a poor signal area, it may transmit as often as every 30 seconds as it attempts to get a better signal. If you are on the move, it will transmit frequently.
Mobile phones are suspected to initiate Electrical Hypersensitivity (ES), which can be a very debilitating condition. If you feel you need to use a mobile phone, please read reducing your exposure on reducing your microwave exposure from your current phone and what to look for when you buy a new one.

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