The San Diego Union Tribune – 3 vaccinated tigers have COVID-19 at the San Diego Zoo


Zoo officials believe three tigers have COVID-19. The animals were fully vaccinated, and their symptoms are mild.

San Diego Zoo officials announced Wednesday that three of their Malayan tigers have COVID-19, marking the first wildlife cases the organization has reported since vaccinating hundreds of animals this summer.

Nose and throat swabs from Connor, a 10-year-old male tiger, tested positive for the virus on Friday in the zoo’s lab. That result was confirmed by a state lab on Tuesday. Fecal samples from 7-year-old brothers Berani and Cinta also tested positive for the virus. All three cats have mild symptoms, including a reduced appetite, moving around a bit less than usual and a slight cough.

The tigers had been fully vaccinated as part of a push to protect 250 animals that zoo and Safari Park staff believed were at risk of COVID-19, from cheetahs to baboons to hyenas and an array of other species.

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