Random Thoughts on Covid – Suzanne Lugthart

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One of the things that befuddles me *a lot* is how, from 7th July to 21st October 2021, there were MORE people in hospital (allegedly) for COVID than there were on the same dates in 2020. On 12th & 13th September 2021 the number was actually 10x that of a year before, pre vaccine. Many hypotheses but no answers on that one.

So, as the media set about brainwashing the gullible public into telling opinion pollsters that Plan B is long overdue and another lockdown over Black Friday is our only way to save Cyber Monday, the number to watch in the weeks ahead is the rate of growth in hospitalisations.

Last Autumn things ramped up really fast. By the end of October the number of people in hospital “with” COVID had multiplied five-fold. This October the increase was 29%, albeit from a higher base.

The numbers will go up. It’s peak winter respiratory season. But right now hospitalisations are pretty flat. I think Cyber Monday, and indeed Christmas, New Year and the rest of time, may be saved no matter what Sky News, the BBC, public health sadists and other gloomsters might tell you

Suzanne Lugthart

Award Winning Research & Insight Strategist (eBay, ITV, Etsy, Rightmove, Macmillan Cancer Support), unofficial data warrior for the travel industry

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6861943533901766656/

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