Absolute ZERO carbon policy UK FI RES

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p3j_pUNgDNLOJuGeaiPoxt94-WAK1UOy/view

Delivering the UK’s climate change commitment with incremental changes to today’s technologies

Absolute Zero

UK demand for energy-intensive materials is growing, driving increased emissions in the UK and abroad. UK FIRES is a
research programme sponsored by the UK Government, aiming to support a 20% cut in the UK’s true emissions by 2050 by
placing Resource E ciency at the heart of the UK’s Future Industrial Strategy.
Industry is the most challenging sector for climate mitigation – it’s energy e cient and there are no substitutes available
at scale for the energy-intensive bulk materials – steel, cement, plastic, paper and aluminium. UK FIRES is therefore working
towards an industrial renaissance in the UK, with high-value climate-safe UK businesses delivering goods and services
compatible with the UK’s legal commitment to zero emissions and with much less new material production.

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