The Guardian – Liberal senator Gerard Rennick to withhold vote in protest against Covid vaccine mandates


In letter to Scott Morrison, Rennick also calls for children to be exempt from mandates and for domestic travel restrictions to end

Sarah Martin 

Queensland senator Gerard Rennick will withhold his vote from the Coalition until the government stops supporting vaccine mandates and provides immediate assistance to people who have suffered adverse affects from Covid-19 vaccines.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the protective benefits of Covid vaccines “far outweigh the potential risks of vaccination”, and serious side effects are “very rare”.

Rennick has been highlighting cases of adverse effects over the past fortnight and he wrote to the prime minister, Scott Morrison, on Sunday advising he would withhold his vote in the Senate over the issue.

The Liberal senator is calling for the government to scrap vaccine mandates and indemnities for the states, and improve the compensation scheme for adverse events. He also says children should be excluded from any mandates and that the “tyranny” of domestic travel restrictions should end.

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