About the Report
This report was produced within the framework of the Global Governance 2022 program, organized by the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, in collaboration with partner institutions in the United States (The Brookings Institution and Princeton University), China (Tsinghua University and Fudan University), and Germany (Hertie School of Governance).
GG2022 brought together 24 young professionals from the US, China and Germany for three meetings, one each in Berlin (26-30 August 2012), Beijing (7-11 January 2013) and Washington, DC (5-9 May 2013). During these meetings, the GG2022 fellows jointly discussed challenges of global governance in the year 2022 and beyond, with a particular focus on three areas: cyber security, energy security, and development.
This report summarizes the work of the GG2022 working group on global cyber security governance. To explore possible futures in global cyber security governance, the working group used a scenario planning methodology with techniques developed extensively in the field of future studies. The diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and expertise of working group members contributed crucial assets for devising national strategies and solutions.
During the three sessions, the working group also met with leading academic experts and policymakers in the field of cyber security from all three countries. We are grateful to all these experts for their valuable input.
We would also like to thank the organizers and funders of the GG2022 program and everyone else who contributed to making the program possible, most especially Joel Sandhu and Johannes Gabriel. We are also grateful to Alex Fragstein for her design work and Oliver Read for editing.

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