The Kiffness – Bai Terek – Altai Throat Singing (Live Looping Remix)

“Altaidyn Alkyzshy” (Благопожелание) is a blessing from the Altai Republic, which is being performed here by @BAI TEREK MUSIC (Danil Danzheev & Ezendey Balbin) in the Altai Mountains, Russia (June 2019). Original video here: Although I couldn’t source the translation, I’m told by Bai Terek that the blessing is a message of goodwill to the native land. The musical instrument Bai Terek are playing is the tovshuur / topshuur, and the song is sung in the Altai language. Altai is a Russian republic in southern Siberia whose terrain encompasses the Altai Mountains and surrounding tundra, alpine meadows and thousands of lakes. Most of the republic is protected as biodiverse reserves. Altai is a Turkic language that includes Mongolic, and Tungusic language families and possibly also the Japonic and Koreanic languages. Follow Bai Terek on Instagram: 🎵 The Kiffness on Spotify: 👕 The Kiffness Merchandise: ☕️ If you’d like to buy me a coffee: Follow The Kiffness on socials:​​

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