Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Bringing Home The Madness 21-12-2013 ( FULL HD 2 HOUR LIVESET )

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On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of December, as more than 35.000 eager fans gathered, another milestone in Belgian EDM history took place, cementing the country’s heavyweight postion even more in the halls of Dance Music Fame.
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike joined forces with their mentors from Tomorrowland to bring their first Solo ‘Bringing Home The Madness’ Concerts in the Belgium’s most legendary venue : Sportpaleis Antwerpen.

After playing some of the larges stages in the world, attracting record-breaking views during the Tomorrowland livestream ànd a mainstage liveset recording clocking up 10million views to date , 6 Beatport N°1 Hits, reaching almost 3 million fans on Facebook, plus being voted #6 Dj’s in the World in this year’s DJMAG TOP 100 DJS – the stars were aligned right to take the next step in their already impressive musical career.

The brothers began teasing a huge announcement over the summer, throwing out various cryptic clues during Tomorrowland and over social media.
A strange message, displayed all over Belgium, sparked a virtual firestorm as fans scrambled to decipher the meaning: ‘Was it an Album?’ ‘A documentary perhaps?’

In September, the Sportpaleis date was announced with an over-the-top trailer and its own website, generating a storm of online buzz.
With the first date selling out it’s 19.000 tickets in hardly a day and over 10.000 fans subscribing to a waiting list – hoping to still get hold of a ticket – the choice to add a second date was an obvious one.

Adding a chart-breaking ‘Bringing Home The Madness’ mixed compilation to the story ànd a #1 Chart postion for their latest single ‘Find Tomorrow ( Ocarina’ featuring UK Superstar Katy B and their protegés Wolfpack – paved the way for one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The show itself carried the same dramatic flair, creating an overwhelming spectacle – big enough to turn a two-hour DJ performance intro a smashing, electrifying, fist-pumping larger-than-life experience. With over a 1000 m² LED Wall , next level lighting , C02, Fireworls and enough lazers to make even George Lucas envious – the prodution of the show was on true ‘Tomorrowland- Level’.

For the people missing out on a ticket, the team added a livestream that attracted over 100.000 viewers, reaching ‘trending topic’ with #BTHM on Twitter. With guests like Nicky Romero, W&W and Wolfpack joining the party, plus a stadium packed to the rafters with screaming fans, Bringing Home The Madness had all the hallmarks of an absolutely classic live experience, wherever in the world you were.

Upon request of countless fans, the brothers now decided to give away this FULL HD version of the 2 hour performance as their holiday gift for their fans who have been supporting them trough this amazing journey and onwards.

Join them on the first row, fullfilling one of their lifelong dreams and be part of the madness that took place in one of the most unforgettable nights of the year!

Thank you for the MADNESS !!!

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“The News” – with optional multilingual subtitles [RAP NEWS 21: S02E01] – feat. Sage Francis

MULTILINGUAL VERSION] “The News”. It’s the most viral meme of reality on the planet: if it’s not on “the News” it didn’t happen – right? Welcome back to Season 2 of Juice Rap News, in which intrepid anchorman Robert Foster embarks on a new era of adversarial rap journalism by casting a critical eye on the paradigm that shapes our collective reality each night; featuring a smorgasbord of guests, from the stalwart General Baxter and Terence Moonseed having a friendly chat on about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to our special correspondents in Russia and the Colonies. Meanwhile, what is going on in Finance, Show­biz and the Weather? Special surprise guests are in tow to cover all this and more, helping Robert delve deeper into this very odd phenomenon of ‘The News’ itself.

­Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, ­on Wurundjeri Land.

– English captions by Koolfy
– Portuguese translation by Euclides Filho
– French translation by Julie Chatagnon
– Dutch translation by Jonas Maebe
– Hebrew translation by Amit Gilutz
– Serbian Translation by Tamara L.
– Hungarian translation by Etele B
– Spanish translation by Joaquim Salvadó

If you’d like to translate this episode into your language, please contact us:

Main track: “The Machine” instrumental created by Dysphemic and Miss Eliza http://dysandeliza.com/ available at their SoundCloud:
A huge thanks to Sage Francis for joining in the fun and making some time to forecast the weather during his recent Australian tour. http://www.sagefrancis.net/
Animations by Rap News fx-­wizard, Jonas Schweizer – aka Kookybone.
Make­up courtesy of Rosie Dunlop
Background images by Photoshop ninja Zoe Tame: http://www.visualtonic.com.au
Additional images and animations by Reuben Braithwaite
Props to Zoë Umlaut from Umlautronics for creating props and seamstressing
Thanks to Kahlia for photography and additional Photoshop magic and to Miles Tincknell for image sourcing.
Thanks to Lucy Cahill and Damian Tapley for invaluable shoot assistance
Thanks in advance to Shane Howard for not issuing a DMCA takedown for the use of his lyrics from his 1982 anthem, “Solid Rock” (Goanna): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbASq…
Solid Rock Guitar by Damian Tapley http://ablackknight.bandcamp.com/
vox by Ming http://www.superawesomeparty.com/
Backing vox by Alesa Lajana http://www.alesalajana.com.au/
Thanks to Koolfy from http://nurpa.be for creating the sync’d English captions for all our episodes.
All acting by Hugo, Giordano & Sage Francis
All rap vox (except Sage Francis!) by Hugo
Video and music editing by Giordano

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Agenda 21 Ghost Cities Ready to Go!

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Pre-built, empty ‘ghost cities’ are popping up everywhere in China and there is even one in Angola. Are they just fancy projects for developers with too much money and too little foresight, or are these designer cities being set up to implement Agenda 21’s program of herding people off the land and into high rises where they can be more easily monitored and controlled?
Planned-Opolis video:

Van Allen A 2013-03-21 periodic chorus

The Van Allen Probes EMFISIS Waves instruments detected these signals with three orthogonal magnetic antennas (Bu, Bv, Bw) during UTC hour 00 of March 21, 2013. We see even more variety in these chorus emissions with their intensity rising and falling every few seconds in a periodic way. This is a phenomenon which has been noticed in the past but our understanding of why this happens is not yet complete.

Chorus waves in Earth’s magnetosphere are generated in the Van Allen radiation belts by electrons spiraling along Earth’s magnetic field lines in this region. Once generated, the chorus waves interact with the moving electrons, either accelerating them to higher energies or disturbing the spiral orbit of the electrons and causing them to fall into Earth’s upper atmosphere along the magnetic field lines.

The animation shows a frequency-time spectrogram of the data with a moving cursor that indicates the time position of the audio track.



Millions to be KILLED under Agenda 21! (Look for parallels between this & “resource based economy.”

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