‘March against Monsanto’: Global movement plans 2nd protest

‘March against Monsanto’: Global movement plans 2nd protest

Joining six continents, 52 countries and over 500 cities, ‘March against Monsanto’ is planning its second mass rally Saturday against the biotech giant and genetically modified food. A number of Agent Orange victims are expected to join the protest.

“Saturday is a big day of action against Monsanto. We took our  lights out to a local cornfield. Monsanto is bad for our food and  bad for our planet,” the March against Monsanto’s movement  posted on its Facebook page.  
  The rallies, which come four days ahead of World Food Day on Oct.  16, will call on millions of activists to boycott “Monsanto’s  predatory business,” genetically modified organisms (GMOs)  and other harmful pesticides, which threaten “health,  fertility and longevity.”

On October, 5, Movement against Monsanto launched a global  ‘Twitter storm’ asking people to tweet and post certain hashtags  as frequently as possible.