Woman Suffers Police Brutality Being Shoved Headfirst Into Cell Bench that Breaks her Facial Bones

Cassandra Feuerstein Sues For Alleged Police Brutality: Video

A Chicago woman arrested for a DUI was seriously injured after allegedly being shoved by a police officer headfirst into a jail cell bench.

Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, was arrested March 10 by the Skokie Police Department after officers found her vehicle pulled over on the side of the road while she was asleep behind the wheel, NBC Chicago reported.

In a video released Wednesday by Feuerstein’s attorney, Torreya Hamilton, an officer can be seen acting with what he said is excessive force.

Feuerstein allegedly asked to call her husband and children. Officer Michael Hart called her out of the cell. Less than 10 seconds later, the video shows Hart launching the woman back into the cell where she hits the bench face-first.

The 110-pound woman can be seen collapsed on the floor, her face bruised, bloodied, and allegedly broken in several places. Hart walks over to her briefly before turning around.

“He was not apologetic at all,” Hamilton says about Hart in the video.

Two officers then help Feuerstein. A male officer helps her sit up and cradles her as a female officer works to stop the bleeding from her nose.

“The video speaks for itself,” Hamilton told the Chicago Tribune. “She does nothing to justify what this male police officer does.”

Feuerstein said several bones were shattered in her face, and she required reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate in her cheek. Photos taken show her battered face and blood-red eye.

Video captures police violently shoving Cassandra Feuerstein into cell, breaking her facial bones

A US woman says she is a victim of police brutality after video footage showing a cop violently throwing her into her cell, leaving her bleeding on the floor with broken facial bones.
Chicago woman Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, was arrested for drink driving last March by Skokie police and taken to a police holding cell, MyFoxChicago reports.

Graphic video footage shows Fuerestein leaving the cell after being called by police officer Michael Hart, who seconds later violently tosses her back into the cell face-first, NBC5 Chicago reports.

The shove sends her flying across the room, slamming her head into a concrete bench and leaving Feuerstein slumped on the floor bleeding as medical officers rush to her aid.

Suit: Woman Suffered Broken Bones At Hands Of Skokie Cop
A Chicago woman is suing the village of Skokie, claiming one of its police officers used excessive force that left her in need of surgery.

Cassandra Feuerstein admits to driving drunk when she was picked up in March but says her treatment by Skokie Police Officer Michael Hart was unnecessary.

In a civil rights lawsuit, Feuerstein claims Officer Hart shoved her into a concrete bench — breaking bones in her face and that required a titanium plate.

The act is visible on a video tape provided by Attorney Torri Hamilton that purports to be from the holding cell.

Feuerstein flinched and looked away as she watched it for the first time with reporters in her lawyer’s Loop office.

Feuerstein says the officer then filed a false report claiming she resisted police to justify the shove. Cook County prosecutors later dismissed those charges.

tape of horrible police brutality released – 110lb woman’s face shattered
Skokie, IL – Disturbing video evidence has been released of an incident
that left a woman’s face so badly injured that she needed facial
reconstructive surgery. The woman is filing an excessive force lawsuit
against Skokie police after being thrown face-first into a bench inside a
jail cell, followed by alleged false statements to justify the
unprovoked assault.

The incident, all captured on video, shows the petite 110-pound woman
calmly following directions, posing no threat or aggression to her
captors. The footage — shows the
woman being asked to leave the cell, and after a few brief seconds,
brought back to the cell and shoved in at full force.

A Chicago sued the village of Skokie police officers, alleging seriously injured after being shoved headfirst into a jail

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Woman sues Skokie and officer, citing injury after DUI arrest. Video Captures Cop’s Alleged Excessive Force Against Chicago Woman. sues Skokie Police, alleges excessive force in DUI arrest. Skokie Cop Victim’s Face ‘Split Open’. Chicago woman suing Skokie officers