Spiritual News – The Potters Clay – The Car in Space with FakeX


The Potters Clay – The Car in Space with FakeX

Looks like somebody screwed up during a live stream and for once it wasn’t NASA. It’s time to wake up, those of you that still believe this is real. How during a LIVE event do we get a flash of the car being somewhere else?? Please explain… At the very least even if your mind can’t let go and

See What Happens When Your Dog’s Car Harness Gets Crash-Tested

See What Happens When Your Dog’s Car Harness Gets Crash-Tested


The same technology that tests the safety systems that keep you from pin-balling around your car in a crash are finally being used for man’s best friend.

Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety converged on the MGA Research Corporation’s federally approved vehicle occupant testing lab to see how well some of the most popular pet restraints hold Fido during a crash. The short answer? Not well.

Of the seven harnesses tested at the lab, which conducts tests for the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, only one restraint ranked as a “top performer” in the Center for Pet Safety study. The other six exhibited everything from stitching and hardware problems to what researchers called “catastrophic failure.” How catastrophic? According to the CPS, the harness “fails in such a way that it allows the test dog to become a full projectile or releases the test dog from the restraint.”